The massive growth in smartphones and tablet devices means the mobile device market will soon be the most popular means of accessing the internet. It is anticipated that the value of the web economy in G20 countries alone will nearly double by 2016 with the rapid rise of mobile internet access.

With the fall in the cost of smartphones, it is projected that over 80% of all internet users will access the web using a mobile phone.

With the advent of faster technologies like 3G,4G and Wi-Fi, as well as the ability for smartphones to deliver more sophisticated animated and video content, it is not simply enough for businesses to have a conventional website – it’s imperative that businesses offer mobile websites which offer the key functionality, security and fast response of the parent site.

Why mobile ?
Creating a talked-about application can be a very successful marketing tool. Even if you don’t charge a fee for usage, a free mobile phone application could draw in lots of traffic and get people excited about your company. So-called “handset resident” applications enable you to establish a lasting dialogue with your customers.

Mobile apps can also:

  •     Build up a targeted list of subscribers
  •     Connect your customers to your own social networks and microsites
  •     Help you stand out from the crowd, generate buzz
  •     Harness the power of user generated content to get people interested in your business, or visiting your site
  •     Work in tandem with existing mobile SEO or online marketing plans
  •     Generate revenue if you charge a small fee for download and usage
  •     Attract users with a free application
  •     Use video streaming and video technology to spread your viral advertising campaign via mobile networks
  •     Tap into lucrative youth markets

Spinningdrum offer a full range of mobile optimisation services, whether producing a mobile-optimised version of an existing site, simultaneously developing web browser and mobile platforms, or developing mobile specific sites. We also offer an app development service for Apple devices and Android smartphones, which merge smart and useful functionality with our trademark design insight.

Our apps and mobile optimised websites put you right in your customers hands